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why we do it . . .

Specialized knowledge and experience are essential, but often beyond the budgets of companies in the early phase of operations or for individuals with a great idea.

Wisdom and experience are undervalued in today's economy, so matching talented people having the experience that is needed with those who would benefit is a win-win proposition; one that we find provides better results, in less time, while being cost-effective.


the company

The Research Advantage provides research services to support exemplary endeavors and exceptional people in launching or reinventing worthwhile ventures.

Areas of expertise include science, statistics, finance, forecasting, computer systems, data-management, documentation, editing, technical writing, prototyping and publishing.


Founded in 1995 in Philadelphia to provide state-of-the-art statistical risk analysis technology to professional investment managers. Relocated operations to the Bay Area in 1997. In 2005 the company began a five-year SmartParking project with BART, Caltrans and UC Berkeley which led to the development of hardware and other technologies for parking management.

Sparks! A Learning Place for Curious Minds

Since 2010 our focus is on providing our knowledge and practical skills in electronics, micro-computers, wireless communication and servos-mechanical systems to supplement a educational system that no longer includes hands-on skills.